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Will Jelliffe
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A blog a day keeps NaBloPoMo going

People keep blogging on NaBloPoMo! The network is devoted to the idea of blogging every day during the month of November, but even though November has long since ended — the blogging hasn’t. So we had to blog about them one more time — it’s only fitting. This time, we interviewed Network Creator Eden Marriott Kennedy, and here’s what she had to say:

Why did you decide to create your social network on Ning?

I had a friend using Ning for her own network of L.A. bloggers and I liked the look of her site and found it easy to navigate.

What is your favorite feature on the network?

Creating new pages!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had on the network?

I still have to create a blogroll of our members by hand. I figured out a relatively simple way to do it, but I’d love it if that was automated

What are your plans for the future of National Blog Posting Month?

Well, it used to be a nightmare to organize it every November before I discovered Ning, but now that we’ve gone monthly I intend to just keep maintaining the site and maybe adding some contests and more giveaways.

Does everyone stick to the once-a-day pledge?

Nope, people dip in and out of it, depending on the month, but we usually get at least 200 people (out of more than 6,000 members) giving daily blogging a shot.

Thank you Eden! For more info check out NaBloPoMo.