Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Canadians get Bobalicious

Bobalicious is the social network of, Canada’s online magazine. Frank Moher, Editor of BoB, also is Network Creator of Bobalicious. According to Frank, the vision behind the network is to give members a chance to contribute content to the online mag — and even get paid for it! But when it comes to managing Bobalicious, Frank is happy to let the members rule, saying, “people will do with a social community what they will — that’s the whole idea, no?”

At the forum, members discuss the latest BoB articles as well as all issues Canadian.  One recurring issue is the integrity of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation — members ask whether the CBC rewards hard-hitting investigative journalism or if its interviewers are “alarmingly servile.” It’s also the place to ponder crucial questions like “Is Toronto-bashing passé?” (The tenuous conclusion is no.)

Proof that many Canadians are opinionated and even computer-savvy, Bobalicious is a great network for discussing — and often mocking — national and international issues.