Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Connecting to the Horizons Project

The Horizon Project is a five-year investigation into the emerging technologies that will most greatly impact and improve educational programs worldwide. The social network Horizon Project 2008 is where everyone associated with the project gathers to discuss it.

Juley Lindsay is a teacher at Qatar Academy, co-founder of Horizon Project, and the Network Creator for Horizon Project 2008. Checking out her her page is a great way to find out what’s new. Julie recently announced the winners of the award for best wiki pages and multimedia. First place went to Josh D. of Goodland High School, who created and uploaded a video titled “Games as a Pedagogical Platform.” You can see it here.

Now that the academic year is winding down, students have begun reflecting on the new methods of education they explored. Reading posts like this one is a great way to see the potential of wikis, social networks, and video uploads in the virtual classroom.

You don’t have to be a direct part of Horizon Project 2008 to join the network. In fact, many of the 350 members are simply observing the project, hoping to learn something they can apply to their own schools. For teachers and students alike, Horizon Project 2008 is a great place to discover how to integrate new technologies into the educational system.