Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Escape to Trapt

Only Through The Pain is the official social network of rockers Trapt.

Their videos page offers up some great content. Take their newest single, “Who’s Going Home With You Tonight?” You’ll find an acoustic version, a live version, a member-uploaded cover and the official music video. Want to reminisce and watch a live version of their 2002 hit “Headstrong”? You can do that too!

“Depth Factor” embodies the intimate relationship between artist and fan that social networking makes possible. It’s a featured discussion kicked off by the band themselves, inviting fans to share something, well, “deep.” The result has been an outpouring of hundreds of emotional responses in an overwhelmingly positive environment. At “Depth Factor,” fans have achieved a level of comfort and openness you won’t find at your average forum.

Only Through The Pain, Trapt’s newest album, drops August 5 so be sure to check out the band’s official network to whet your appetite!