Will Jelliffe
Will Jelliffe
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Finding Energy and Healing

Energy Healing is a place where Energy Healers can coalesce and discuss the practice of healing with energy. This is done using various methods such as crystals, astrology, Reiki, and more. This network was created by Chris Tinney, who also brought us VegHaven.org and TheYogaPlace.org. And like his other networks, this is a robust example of a successful implementation and customization of the Ning platform.

With more than 350 members and a steadily increasing membership, the network has taken on an energy of its own. The forum has become an active place for members to discuss methods, as well as put in requests for healing. The photos feature is also well used to display healing images, and some pretty awesome fracta-like images that look like galaxies.

The most active feature on this network is the groups page. There are tons of groups to help healers find their niche within this stellar network. Healers that practice crystal healing will find the crystal healing group to be a valuable resource on learning about the practice. A discussion within this group  will tell everyone about the healing vibrations of crystals.

Healing takes on many forms. Modern medicine is a limited view of healing practices that have existed for centuries. Healing using energy explores these practices. Whatever your path, whatever your journey, everyone could use some Energy Healing.

Let’s start create church website with Ning: https://www.ning.com/create-simple-church-website/