Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Fort Bragg, inside and out

Fort Bragg Life is a social network for members of the military, by members of the military.

Using Ning’s built-in Notes feature, the network keeps members in the know with a news section that focuses on topics of interest to soldiers and their families. There are also plenty of links to columns and blogs from the Fayetteville Observer, the local newspaper.

If you think life at Fort Bragg is all training and no chilling, the events tab will prove you wrong. There’s an upcoming performance in Raleigh featuring Snoop Dogg and 311, as well as TNA wrestling at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville. And the main page polls will reveal a nostalgic quality to the military community — they’ve voted Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger as their favorite Batman and Batman babe.

Maybe the most distinguishing feature of the network is its community tab. Here you’ll find family profiles, ideas for unwinding, and updates on Base Realignment and Closures, a reorganization that will add almost 7,000 soldiers to the area. There’s also a tributes section that honors Ft. Bragg’s fallen soldiers.

For a network that’s got a lot to Bragg about, look no further than Fort Bragg Life.