Laura Gluhanich
Laura Gluhanich
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How will YOU change the world?

What is FightWithTools? It is the latest album from the Flobots, and their Street Team social network. What is Street Team? They put it best:

We are a community of empowered music fans dedicated to turning the power of the music into positive actions for social change. Street Team wants you to Wake UP, Activate, Transform, and Step UP to be the change you want.

FightWithTools are looking for three commitments for 2008. First, register to vote — and vote on election day. Second, create something that represents your priorities – video, song, photo or poem. Share your creation on FightWithTools or! Finally, encourage others to get involved, create and vote.

The upcoming Wake Up Weekend will be the kick-off to their national voter registration drive. To participate, join your local group and start communicating with others to get organized. If you don’t see your area represented, reach out to Seth and he’ll hook you up with a new group.

Not sure you want to commit to a group? Take a look at events – regional planning and voter registration events open for participation. Or, join the forum discussions on Organizing, Engagement and Responsibility.’

Do your part to change the world at FightWithTools!