Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Join the movement at Fix Our World

Fix Our World is a social network that invites its members to “become an active part of the solution to fix and restore our planet.”

Fixing our world begins with identifying the problems that need to be solved. On its “About Us” page, the network lists four key areas: poverty, climate change, global health and conflict. That list alone can sound daunting, but Fix Our World is all about starting small in your own backyard. Just make a difference of any size and in any place — the network has the ability to deliver your message to a large audience; “to connect to people from other cities, countries and cultures.”

Individual and collective activism will culminate with the 1st Annual Fix Our World Festival in Hamilton, Ontario. The goal is for the various groups to each hold an event, and then to “eventually link all events live through video streaming.” And if all you need is a little inspiration, then turn to the videos section, which features many of Nelson Mandela’s speeches.

Check out the network and learn how together we can Fix Our World!