Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Keeping up with Kaysar

The world first met Kaysar Ridha through the reality TV show Big Brother. Now the designer-actor-philosopher is keeping in touch via his social network Kaysar.

Ridha’s personal page offers a glimpse into his diverse interests. One blog post gives updates on his upstart clothing line Sovereign Soul, and features a new motif that combines the Arabic script for “love” and “peace” to create the image of a dove. In another post, he tackles that nagging question, “Why do bad things happen?” Kaysar’s musings spur a great dialogue in the members’ comments.

Members share their passions at the groups page. Reality TV fanatics gather at the Big Brother 10 group to debate the series’ latest installment. Other active groups revolve around topics as varied as the 2008 election, health, religion, and gaming.

If you want to check out a social network — and a human being — that can’t be pigeonholed, look no further than Kaysar!