Will Jelliffe
Will Jelliffe
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Live in the 919? Get on the inside

Networking in business is key.  But what about the importance of regional connections? The insider networks are a great example of this. North Carolinan businesswomen and businessmen in the 919 area code have a slick social network to connect on at inside919.

The Inside networks are locally focused networks that connect business people within area codes. There are more than 250 networks around the country for many different area codes. inside919 is just one example!

This is probably one of the most active of the Inside networks. To learn more about inside919 check out the screencast made by the brain behind this network of social networks, Pat Howlett. You should also read the welcome message at the top of the Main page.

Getting past the introductions, you can see the rich content this network offers. There is a great rotating book store on the main page featuring local authors. The blogs from local business people are also a great read. Check out this post about failing well, an interesting philosophical pondering.

The groups are also a great place for members to find people with similar interests. This group for real estate is an active group focusing the efforts of members in the real estate business. There are also reflective groups such as relationship marketing and Web 2.0. This group focuses on the strength of relationships built through Web 2.0 tools.

Whether you are in business or not, you should check out this network. Going to their country map you can even find an inside network near you!