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Nurses make the move online

Nurses now have a place to mingle even when they’re not wearing scrubs.

CampusRN2RN is quickly becoming the best place on the Internet for students, nurses and their employers to interact, find jobs and debate everything nursing. With more than 500 members, the network is already a hotbed of activity.

Members have added dozens of blog posts to the network. Using blogs, they’ve shared news, like the prediction of an impending nursing shortage in the San Francisco Bay Area. They’ve also asked fellow members for advice on prep courses for the NCLEX, a national nursing exam. Of course, members have filled the photos and videos sections of the network, uploading tons of hospital photos and video stories of people denied access to health care.

The creation of CampusRN2RN was a logical extension for CampusRN, a Web site that connects employers and nurses looking for jobs. The social network has been integrated into the main Web site as a subdomain, thanks to the premium service “Domain Mapping” — and the social network gives visitors a reason to keep coming back to the CampusRN, long after they’ve found a job.

As CampusRN CEO Matt Casey explained, the “Web site features jobs and scholarships that nursing students can apply to, but no place to for students to chat with each other, network with employers and get information and advice from working nurses in the field. Our members love the ability to view videos of potential employers, post their own blog, and especially to create and participate in groups they create within the network.”

So whether you’re already a nurse or just thinking about it, head over to CampusRN2RN!