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Paying a visit to GAX Online

It was February when we first checked in with GAX Online, a social network for gamers. Back then, when we first blogged about the network, it had recently passed 1,000 member and was already a flurry of activity.

These days, GAX is closing in on 3,000 members. Not only that, but the network has undergone a massive redesign, and it’s likely now one of the best-looking networks on the Ning platform.

Though the network is completely centralized — it’s running the standard version of the Ning code — it has a very unique and simplistic design. Instead of the usual network modules — such as latest activity, groups or photos — that adorn most main pages, GAX has moved to a simple two-column layout. On their main page, all you will find in the body of the page is a large introductory graphic, an advertisement and the network’s badge.

The network now features an Arcade, a Wiki and a chat widget from Widget Laboratory. Of course, the forum is as active as ever, and members are constantly adding blogs to the network. And if you have some free time (well, a lot of free time), members have uploaded more than 3,500 gaming-related pictures to the network.

GAX has become an example of what Network Creators can achieve with some simple tweaks and additions. It’s an example to follow, and we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on GAX!