Put your hands up for Detroit Tweetup

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Before I even start talking about this next network, we should go over some vocabulary:

Tweeter, n. One who posts, or “tweets,” on the micro-blogging service Twitter.
meet-up, n. Gathering; get-together.
Tweetup, n. A meet-up of tweeters.

Got it? Good. Then you’re ready to appreciate the glory that is the Detroit Tweetup Network. I’m a sucker for slick design, and this network’s got it with the “Highrise” theme. A blue-and-gray geometric pattern superimposed on the cityscape oozes metropolitan cool.

At the forum, members plan out the next Tweetup. Easier said than done! Should it be in the suburbs, or the city proper? Divey bar or upscale restaurant? These are the issues hotly debated in the discussion threads. But there’s one thing that everyone can agree on: at 53 members and counting, these Tweetups are going to start needing bigger venues!

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4 thoughts on “Put your hands up for Detroit Tweetup

  1. Deborah Nystrom

    Ning is such a robust resource, and it is great to see the Detroit area TweetUps featured. I went alone to my first TweetUp not knowing what I’d find, and was welcomed warmly by an enthusiastic group – which is technology as an accelerator at its best. More power to Ning and the Twitter community mashup for good purposes. –D

  2. Brian Ambrozy

    Thanks for the spotlight. We always have a good time, too 🙂 There’s a lot going on in Detroit, and the point becomes very clear when you meet up with other movers-n-shakers in the community.

  3. ECedo


    Thanks for the Detroit Tweetup Network Love. I continue to be amazed at how quickly our group is growing – without any promotion or marketing. I largely attribute it to the growing popularity and viral nature of Ning.

    Thanks for such a great tool and keep up the great work!


    Eric Cedo
    Detroit Tweetup Network

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