Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Love fishing? MyFishSpace will reel you in

MyFishSpace is a social network dedicated to fish and the people who catch them. Anglers are primarily British and Irish, and the fish are primarily pike, carp, and catfish.

At the forum, anglers talk strategy — I hear a mix of maggots and sweet corn makes for irresistible bait. Elsewhere in the discussion threads, members commiserate over the worst fishing-related presents they’ve ever received from well-wishing but generally clueless landlubbers. (Take-home message to non-fishing family members: Just get them a gift certificate.)

You can often judge a network’s passion by its photos tab, and MyFishSpace is no exception. Members upload pictures of them posing with their biggest (well sometimes, smallest) catches. It’s up to you decide whether these fish are beautiful, or downright ugly: