Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Ride the Wave at I Surf With Friends

Surfing’s the best when you have a “brah” (or a “sis”) to enjoy it with. That’s the philosophy behind I Surf With Friends.

The network has more than 100 members, many of whom are goofy. (That’s a board stance, not an insult!) Just browsing through the members page shows how international the network is — surfers sign in from countries like Ireland, Australia, Italy and Portugal.

Speaking of Portugal, visit the Surf Videos page to see the nation’s best surfer, Tiago Pires, go on a sweet run. You’ll also find surf film trailers, gnarly wipeouts (to the tune of some pretty great theash metal), and monster waves.

If you think all surfboards are the same, GNKSurfboards’ personal page will dispel your illusion. Check out GNK’s photo album to see various types of boards, and drop GNK a comment to learn about which one’s best for you. So get surfing at I Surf With Friends!