Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor
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Beaders Showcase, the beader's online art gallery

Beautiful beaded bracelets, spectacular necklaces, unique bookmarks … you name it. You see them all the time in various stores and boutiques, but did you ever imagine you might be able to recreate these gorgeous pieces? The members at Beaders Showcase do exactly that, and they’ll even share tips and tricks on how to do it!

The most stunning feature of the Beaders Showcase network is the photo gallery. More than 1,300 images of handmade beadwork are on display there. The pieces range from exquisite earrings, to beaded vases and handcrafted lampwork. Each creation is exceptionally worked, and the variety of items is amazing. Those not in the beading “know” will be amazed at the multitude of items which can be beaded, and the broad range of artistic depth which can be achieved with this medium.

Beaders Showcase is not only for the already talented artist, but provides a great range of knowledge for everyone, whether just starting out with a beading hobby or a full time artist. The Videos section offers a range of videos — including some tutorials on lampworking (which, if you’re like me, you’ll need Wikipedia to understand!). The forum is also full of great information and members provide a ton of comments on each post.

The activity on Beaders Showcase is impressive, and the sheer number of photos and fantastic artwork showcased there is astounding. After exploring Beaders Showcase, you might be tempted to start a beading hobby of your own!