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As unemployment rates creep higher and higher, there’s one industry that’s booming: America’s hyperactive court system.  For the legally-inclined, is here to connect law firms with court reporters, scopists and videographers.  Quickly and easily.

If you’re searching for a court reporter to cover a deposition, uses Groups to connect you with the pro’s from your area.  With nearly 60 regions around the U.S., you’re all set… legally speaking!

Many of the 2,500 members voice their advice in the forums, making for a flurry of legal jargon and outrageous professionally-related experiences.  Recent discussions include the “Creepiest or funniest places you’ve been to“, “BRIEFS! BRIEFS! BRIEFS!“, “Gas Mileage Reimbursements” and a search for reporters in the San Francisco Bay Area.

To no surprise, court-room reporters like to, well, report.  For a look at the psyche of the men and women that make a living from law and order, check out their blogs.  Notable posts include Anthony D. Frisolone‘s “On The Road Again…“, Nic Harnish’sReporter’s Happy Hour” and Kyung’sFirst day in Federal Court“.

The U.S. legal system is regulating in full force… and is your place to connect with in-court professionals.  Case closed.

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  1. Greg Lambert

    This is an excellent site and Jim Milles is one of the true braintrusts of the law library field. Great Job Jim!

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