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Find fellow Raiders at Raider RoundUp

Glades Central Community High School is a network created for interested alumni looking to connect and share their lives with one another!  The network is having a lot of success connecting members who graduated from Glades Central Community High School.

Want to feature your business, your program or yourself in an upcoming member spotlight?  If so, submit an article to an Administrative Staff at GCRRU today!

Right now, Taylor is featured in the “Member Spotlight” located on the main page of the GCRRU network.  The Spotlight features Taylor’s background as an athlete starting with his high school career!  Taylor was drafted ninth overall in the 1998 NFL draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars!

Make sure to check out the events featured on the main page of their network.  Right now the main page features a “Class of 1994” and a “Back to school Concert”!

Visit GCRRU to connect with Glades Central Community High School Alumni today!