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Over 390,000 Social Networks on Ning!

Ok, so I’m about 2,500 social networks late on this but “392,500 social networks on Ning!” doesn’t have the same ring to it so I rounded down.

Much more importantly, we’ve got a lot of great stuff – large and small – coming down the pipe here throughout August and September. I’ll be blogging about some of it here shortly. So, while most are out enjoying summer and its requisite fresh air, we look forward to staying huddled in front of our computer screens pushing out more stuff for you to love (or hate, but we’re aiming for a strong opinion either way :-)).

As always, we appreciate you using the Ning Platform to create Your Own Social Network for Anything. We don’t take you choosing us for granted and love your gigantic expectations of what we can – and should – deliver with Your Own Social Network for Anything. Please don’t stop.

Thank you!