Portuguese 2.0 at Interactic

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The motto of Ineractic 2.0, a network for educators and teacher in Portugal is “information that will need to be used in a lot of different ways needs to be taught in lots of different ways” (Spiro, et al, 1996). That quote couldn’t be more fitting; the network’s focus is bringing together educators of all types who seek to incorporate new technologies and ways of approaching learning styles into their classrooms.

Network Creator José Paulo Santos did some translating for me, after I admitted I couldn’t real Portuguese fluently. Members of the network present “proposals for tuition plans, methodologies and activities that
promote the critical, constructive and collaborative among students and teachers, to promote new approaches to learning and the culture of a new school,” he explained. And I’m not the only one outside of Portugal to take notice; Terry Freedman at the Educational Technology Site called Interactic 2.0 a “vibrant community, full of passionate people.”

If you want to see what Terry’s talking about, stop by Interactic 2.0! Just remember to bring your dictionary (or open up Babelfish) if you aren’t a Portuguese pro.

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6 thoughts on “Portuguese 2.0 at Interactic

  1. Célia Santos Jordão Alves

    I’m really enthusiastic about participating, and about the kind of interaction that we can establish in INTERACTIC!

  2. José Paulo Santos

    Such kind and optimistic words make me feel very happy and more motivated to engage myself in this Community.
    Thank you very much for your support and motivation.

  3. Joao

    This is really a pleasure to see the Interactic 2.0 community being spotlighted in the Ning blog. We are proud for being members of this Portuguese speaking community of educators interested in the use of technology in their teaching practice.
    Thank you

  4. Cristina Costa


    it doesn’t come fully as a surprise that InteracTIC and Jose P. Santos’ work have been acknowledged by the wider community – as I know how powerful this community has been in the practice of many educators in Portugal and beyond – , but it is with a big smile that I see this being recognized here!
    Although I am fluent in Portuguese, in the past I had always been only involved in Foreign communities, which provided me the support and feedback I needed for my learning and my development as an educator. Seeing the positive impact a Portuguese community speaking in Portuguese is having throughout the Portuguese educational landscape and even beyond. Isn’t that what the web is all about – no borders, no limits to collaboration, interaction and ultimatelly LEARNING with ICT (=TIC in Portuguese) It also makes me realize that there is really great stuff being made at national level, in spite of what many people might think (it is always so much easier to look at the negative things).
    Hopefully such initiatives will also motivate others initiatives. Hopefully it will also motivate the leraning of less frequent learnt foreign languages…who knows!
    I am currently working abroad. Thus seeing this community flourish and develop so meaningfully through the hands of such a great moderator/group of educators really makes me proud.
    Well Done Jose Paulo Santos and Co!

  5. José Paulo Santos

    Thank you to all NING Team for this spotlight. I think all the members are very proud about it.
    Best wishes

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