Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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Reach your Giant Potential

Professional women know the challenges they face in the workplace are frequently different in nature than their male counterparts confront. Giant Potential offers a place where female business owners can trade tips, offer support, and discuss ways to better achieve the perfect work-life balance.

The forum is where most of the action on Giant Potential occurs. Members discuss everything from time-saving ideas, to difficulties in expanding a company to make it global. These discussions serve as more than a way for members to gain new insight; it’s also a way for them to network with other professionals without ever leaving the house! With almost 800 members, the network has a wealth of women to connect with and learn from. The groups can help members further connect with women who work in specific industries, like freelancing, the craft-making business and health-related industries.

The members on this network know it for a fact: While they may face challenges in their professional endeavors, with the best tools and informaton, their potential truly is giant.