Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor
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Resist the status quo at M

I have to admit when I first saw the M network I had no idea what the purpose, goal, or even theme of M was. All I knew was that heroes were wanted, and I would not return safely. Intriguing. Being curious (and fearless, apparently) I ignored the warnings in front of my eyes and dove in to find my mission.

While this network might be confusing at first, given its lack of an obvious stated purpose, on closer inspection curious heroes will find a very active discussion based network.  M features well-organized forums that draw contributors into a variety of candid discussions. Topics range from Music, Pop Culture, Taboo: Politics and Religion, Leadership and Creativity and finally M Briefings.  With the exception of M Briefings (I’m still trying to discover exactly what these are, but they sound cool!) each category includes a range of well discussed theoretical and practical questions posed and answered by members.

The forums at M are certainly an active area, but that’s not all this network has going on.  They also have pages of videos and groups all designed to resist the status quo and encourage members to think about anything and everything.

M is a network to challenge the mind and provoke questions about even the most established topics and beliefs in a respectful and, let’s be honest, nicely designed, network.  Be a hero, take a break from the norm, and flex your mental muscles at M.