Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Row, row, row your boat

The World Rowing Network, a social and professional network, is providing rowers with all the resources they need to cross the finish line. More than 350 oarsmen and oarswomen have gathered here to share their passion and celebrate the sport.

With the Olympics coming up, members are discussing what rowing team is likely to win the gold medal. A consummate patriot, I voted for the USA on the main page poll — apparently my intuitions were dead on, since team USA has garnered nearly 50 percentof the vote. But don’t count other countries out just yet — the network’s RSS feed tells me that New Zealanders have made an impressive showing at the world championships.

A classifieds section caters to the unique needs of rowers — look here if you’re a speed coach for hire or if you’ve got a way to transport an 8+ from Worcester, Mass. to Providence, R.I. . In the end, it’s all about the love of the sport. You can feel the passion in the forum, where members reminisce about their first rowing experience. Team rowing requires great cooperation, and that spirit shines through in the World Rowing Network!