Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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The Dire Cafe

The Dire Cafe is — their words, not mine — a social network for escapist geeks.

The forum will soon be welcoming its 1,000th discussion topic, which is pretty incredible production for a network with fewer than 100 members.  Popular threads include “Who can you do without?”, inspired by Clerks, and reactions to Sienna Miller’s being cast as The Baroness in the upcoming G.I. Joe film. Even more impressive, two typically forum-consuming topics have been banned altogether: religion and politics. This is geeky escapism, remember?

While the forum is the heart and soul of this network, you’ll find more focused conversation on the groups page. Here, members talk about some of their favorite role-playing genres and activities — there are groups specifically tailored towards Pirates of the Spanish Main, upcoming conventions, and post-apocalyptic games in general.

There may be some who look down on escapism, but somebody famous once said, “Those who would not have others escape are generally called jailers.” So if you’re looking to break out of the prison of monotony, visit The Dire Cafe!