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We’re happy to announce that tonight’s mini-release is complete. There was no downtime involved, and your networks now have a slew of new features and fixes, including:

  • A redesigned and streamlined Manage section
  • New appearance choices, including transparency and better tiling options
  • Enhanced network themes with clearer separation between content areas, and two new ultra-simple themes (Light Slate and Dark Slate) to provide a barebones template for easy customization
  • The ability to opt out of network invitations and messages without signing in
  • The ability to approve groups
  • Group Comment Wall comments will now appear in the Latest Activity stream
  • A few small performance enhancements

Feel free to visit the discussion about this release, or check out the full release details in our Preview section. And you’ll find the full list of notable bug fixes here. Your networks were not offline during this release.