Tonight’s Unexpected Downtime

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We’re back up after tonight’s unexpected downtime. This was a 2 hour and 45 minute downtime that was caused by a bug in our infrastructure that triggered a number of now resolved issues. This bug was identified and fixed, but it took longer than we initially expected.

All systems should be good to go at this point and we’ll be monitoring the situation closely from here on out. We do not anticipate another issue with this same component given the current fix, but I’ve probably jinxed it for saying that.

Thank you for your patience. We really appreciate it and apologize for the inconvenience tonight’s downtime has caused.

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One thought on “Tonight’s Unexpected Downtime

  1. Jim Zaccaria

    Thank you! The entire Ning Team is Greatly Admired and Appreciated for Who you are and ALL you DO! Your speedy work with ‘who knows what’ is a testament to your Genius and finely tuned abilities! [Have you grabbed your boots yet?] Seriously, I don’t want to get all mushy about it, but DO want you to realize that your efforts are acknowledged. I for one am consistently amazed at how you ‘techies’ manage to get those electrons to dance to your tune [of course, I can’t train my dog either]

    Warmest Regards
    Jim Zaccaria

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