Tune into the Social Marketing Traffic Report

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We’re all in the market to, well, market– be it for ourselves, where we work, our website or other people.  Created by online marketing guru Jack Humphrey, Friday Traffic Report is the perfect source to boost and launch your marketing skills by connecting you with other market-minded members.

The forums are streaming with more than 1,600 people asking and answering compelling marketing questions.  You can also suggest ways to monetize blogs, offer cool links and share helpful feedback with fellow marketers.  To hone in on your marketing interests (niche, if you will), join any of the groups including featured ones like Jack’s Live Friday Traffic Report on BTR and Squidoo Success.

Are you ready to ensure your marketing prowess is up to par?  Join The Friday Traffic Report, network with members and get engaged!

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3 thoughts on “Tune into the Social Marketing Traffic Report

  1. Sexy Social Marketing

    I am more than excited about this mention as a big participant in Social Marketing Central. I would be light years behind in my marketing if it was not for Jack Humphrey and SMC and I cannot recommend it enough.

    I have not only found marketers, sales and clients there, I have found friends. Not something easy to do today in a rush-rush me-me Internet world.

    Cheers – Chris Lang

  2. Christopher

    Not to mention the unprecedented access to talented marketers across many fields as well as other kinds of talents in the online business world like graphic artists, joint ventures brokers, copywriters and more.

    The site also provides easy access on the main page to the very tools used at the Authority Site Center where members are developing professional successful websites using an suite of training, webinars, conference calls, and much much more.

    Ning has provided members and Friday Traffic Report readers (me included) with the ability to utilize all this and connect with each other at an amazing pace.

    We appreciate the spotlight!

    – Proud Member

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