Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Walking in fantasy Wonderlands

Lovers of the fantasy genre will want to check out Wonderlands, where authors, readers, and artists mingle and discuss their shared passions.

The events tab is jam-packed with upcoming conventions, from FantasyCon to DiversiCon to ZombieCon. Taking place all over the US and the UK, these get-togethers show the impressive scope of fantasy’s fanbase.

The network has just introduced its first author interview, something that Network Creator Deborah J Miller hopes to become a regular feature. One of the coolest aspects to the author interview is that members will get to write in questions themselves, because in Deborah’s words, the administrators “don’t want to do all the work”. The inaugural interviewee will be Stan Nicholls, bestselling author of the Orcs: First Blood series.

If dragons, trolls, pegasii, hobbits, daedra, wizards, gnomes, or any other fantastical creatures are your thing, then join the 250 members who have already unlocked the gate to Wonderlands!