Jason Rand
Jason Rand
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Welcome aboard Piedmont Airlines

Do you ever wonder about the lives of those nice flight attendants offering you peanuts and the pilots that get you safely from point A to point B? Catch a glimpse at Piedmont Airlines, a network that connects current and past employees at the regional airliner.

Aviation buffs will rejoice over more than 2,500 photos, including this electrifying shot, and you can take a peek at the on-the-ground lives of those that work the skies. Check out the videos section and see the humor up front in the cockpit in this Star Wars spoof starring member-Captain Steve Szalai. Get a front-seat perspective of cruising at 30,000 feet in “The Life of a Regional Airline Pilot” by Flight Operator Ryan Brennan.

With more than 500 members, you’ll know that being part of Piedmont Airlines isn’t just a job, it’s also a family.