Jason Rand
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If you’re a Hutterite, you now have a new social network. If you’re unfamiliar with the Hutterite lifestyle, get the 411 by checking out The Hutterite Social Network. Open to Hutterites, ex-Hutterites and anyone itching to learn more about this religious group, the forums are always abuzz with gossip between the nearly 800 members.  Members ponder topics such as who is the best candidate for president of the United States and how much television and movies Hutterites watch.

Hankering for Hutterite merchandise?  Check out the store for some authentic Hutterite slippers (more items coming soon!).  If you’re more in the mood to see the creative talents of members, watch videos such as “Me Playing My Harmonica and Guitar” by Travis or check out photos of Hutterites posing by Kady Joy or irreverent vehicular mishaps.  You’ll see that Hutterites like having fun on and offline.