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Southern Massachusetts’ newest home

The Sun Chronicle, the local newspaper in Attleboro, Mass., has a new online home. The Sun Chronicle Online Community‘s creators describe it as “Your local online community”. With convenient, how-to links on adding your own blog, customizing your home page and participating in forum discussions, this couldn’t be more true.

Readers and writers who want more than just the daily news can now speak up and discuss their local community and beyond. Each Sun Chronicle staff member has their own blog. From sports to stars, cooking to camping, the blogs give readers a chance to interact with the writers themselves. Whether readers comment on popular blogs or start a forum discussion, they can count on their voices being heard.

So if you want to go beyond reading, be part of the news at The Sun Chronicle Online Community.

Welcome to Kerala State

India has more than 1 billion citizens, and some of the hippest, coolest, and most tech-savvy live in Kerala. Meet up with “the next generation” of Keralites at the Kerala State social network.

Those who once lived in Kerala, but no longer do, will no doubt get nostolgic after looking at the network’s photos. Light-filled photos of Thiruonam day are a treat to look at and certainly make me, a non-Keralite, want to visit. On the forum, members are introducing themselves, talking about their roots and even debating whether Kerala is host to its own groups of ghosts.

With the Kerala State network, it doesn’t matter if you still live there, or live afar and are nostolgic for home. When you join the network, it’s easy to connect with old friends or reach out to someone new. The best part? It doesn’t matter where you live, it just matters that you’re a Keralite!

Get in the Knol

Knol Stuff is a network dedicated to Google’s Knol. A knol is an authoritative article about a specific topic. Sounds simple, right? Obviously, Google has much more up its sleeve than that, which you can read about here. Ultimately, it’s about authorship, sharing information and collaboration – all topped off with the sweet perk of generating revenue.

Members of Knol Stuff are taking it a step further and and continuing the collaboration outside of Knol. You can take advantage of the forum to discuss Google Knol news, making money as a web author and content contributor, business and whatever else pops up. 5,000 gather to share success stories, voice opinions and, of course, network. Whether you’re into making money with blogging or organic gardening, with nearly 1,600 groups there’s something for everyone!

What are you waiting for? Put on your thinking cap and get in the knol at Knol Stuff.

Find what you are looking for with the Greater Orlando Scavenger Hunt

Florida residents are gearing up for a hunt for something… what that is, they don’t quite know. On October 25, what organizers are hoping to be Florida’s largest ever scavenger hunt will kick off! Join in the fun at the Greater Orlando Scavenger Hunt network, where you can meet other hunters, for a group, or just start planning how you’ll be victorious on hunt day. And it isn’t just about the honor: The winning team will win $2500 in addition to the glory of triumphing over their competitors.

If you aren’t quite sure what the scavenger hunt is all about—or why you should take part—there’s a great promo video that explains it all. With a large number of participants already, if you live in Orlando, you won’t want to miss out on this area-wide event.

Join the network, get your team together, have your captain join the team captain group, and you’ll be on your way. May the best team win!

Coming up, it’s Nikka Costa

Nikka Costa’s music has a jazzy, funky, bluesy style that’s all her own, with an intensity that’s hard to dismiss. Her new social network, Nikka Costa, celebrates her new album, Pebble to a Pearl, while giving fans a venue to interact with each other and find out the latest and greatest about their favorite musician.

Though the album won’t be released until Oct. 14, it’s possible to rock out to song like “Stuck to You” and “Can’t Please Everybody” on the network music player. Then make sure to pencil in when Costa will be in your area by checking on her tour dates. Just because the tour hasn’t started and the album hasn’t dropped yet doesn’t mean Costa fans are sitting quietly waiting. Many of them are already talking about how much they dig the new single (“Stuck to You”) and music video.

Join the discussion, turn up the volume, and start rocking when you join the Nikka Costa network!

In touch at Enzed Live

Enzed Live, an up and coming New Zealand network, gives Kiwis a new online hang out spot. Members create unique profiles, connect with friends, chat, meet new Kiwis, promote businesses and much more.

Want to know what’s going on this weekend? Or hear the latest jokes? Head to the forum for the info. To make things easier, all discussions are grouped by topic. Community, Art, Gaming and Computers/Internet are just a few of the many categories to pick from.

With Enzed Live, it is easy to stay in the know. The main page displays local news and features a new organization each week.  So if you don’t want to fall behind, join Enzed Live today!

Tomorrow is the new tonight

We’ve been putting the final touches on our latest release (which we’ve mentioned a number of times in the past few weeks here, here, here, and here).

We are now scheduled to push this new release out tomorrow night, Saturday, September 27th with a planned downtime of 30 minutes at 10:30pm PDT.

We can’t wait to get this out to everyone, but there are a few more finishing touches we want to put on it and a few more rounds of testing we want to get through before sharing it with the world. We appreciate your flexibility and patience in waiting one more night.

This release includes three key improvements:

  1. A new message center in your network
  2. An iPhone interface fully customized for your network
  3. Simplification of the Main and Profile Pages and consistency of features generally

As a preview, here are a few great things we’re now releasing on Saturday night…

Continue reading

Watch the Bonnie Hunt Show

Oprah better watch her ratings! Actress and comedian Bonnie Hunt has a new daytime talk show on the airwaves and she’s not holding back. Fans of the show can talk about their favorite Chicagoan and meet fellow viewers of the daily show on The Bonnie Hunt Show social network.

As with any daytime talk show (think Ellen, The View or Regis and Kelly) it’s not just about what happens on the air, it’s about the whole experience. For example, viewers want to know why Bonnie wears what she does on the show (hint: they think she should graduate from hoodies into something a little more formal). Other members wonder how they can get their show-loving hands on a Bonnie Hunt coffee mug. There’s even a forum post for viewers to request specific guests that they’d like to see on the air.

With Bonnie’s quirky sense of humor and knack for coaxing the best out of her guests, the The Bonnie Hunt Show is well on its way towards becoming a daytime staple. For access to Bonnie’s world any time of the day, make get off the couch (where you are watching her show), get on to the Internet and join her network!

Join the Creative Cities Unconference

What’s next for Detroit? Check out the Creative Cities Summit Unconference to find out. Join designers, urban planners, civic leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, students, community leaders, Detroiters and Michiganders to participate in a discussion centered around what’s possible and what’s next for Detroit as a creative city.

The unconference differs from a traditional conference format in that it kicks off with an audience driven discussion where audience members become part of the panel. Start participating in the unconference’s discussion topics in the network’s forum. Recent posts include “Co-working and the creative city” and “Restore, Demolish or Replace?”. Green cities, creative talent, arts/culture and mass transit are just a few of the topics scheduled for the unconference.

If you want your opinion heard, this network is the place to do it. So start making Detroit your city at Creative Cities Summit Unconference.