460,000 Social Networks on Ning!

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We just passed 460,000 social networks on Ning! We’ve been so busy with the releases of last week and next week that we missed celebrating 450,000. You are creating over 2,000 new social networks everyday on the Ning Platform. It blows us away to see the creativity, beauty, and purpose in each of the new social networks we stumble upon. We are truly humbled.

We have a lot more work to do and can’t wait to continue to deliver new features, spit and polish on existing features, and an increasingly great experience using Ning.

Thank you!

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7 thoughts on “460,000 Social Networks on Ning!

  1. Porush jain

    Hats off princess
    I see Ning as on of the greatest inventions on the net.
    Hope you guys dont stop here,think of some more amazing things!!!

    Porush jain

  2. DoonePlace

    A awesome accomplishment to be gaining 2,000 networks per day. If you keep up that rate you will definitely hit 1 million networks at the 2009.

  3. Incantatrice

    Ning is an amazing thing allowing people to offer amazing networks. I for one am proud to be one of those 460,000



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