Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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Keeping that Marshmallow burning

Burnt Marshmallows, a social networking site for Canadians campers, got a shout out this week from the New York Times, for being part of a growing trend of “microsites.”

The network bills itself as “Canada’s fastest growing network dedicated to everything camping.” With it’s kitschy design (make sure to notice the snazzy faux wood paneling) Burnt Marshmallow may inspire you not only to explore the great outdoors, but also possibly to chow down an everyone’s favorite campfire snack. Get started planning your next adventure in the forum section, where you can ask for feedback on campsites from Alberta to Ontario. Or pick your destination based on the terrain; it’s easy to do if you browse the hundreds of photos members have uploaded.

A mention in the New York Times is good, but a night out under the stars, camping with friends and family, is great! Join Burnt Marshmallows today to start your Canadian camping adventure.