Jason Rand
Jason Rand
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Cold Coffee, warm shoulders

In its purest from, writing is an art unto itself. The folks at Cold Coffee know this all-too-well and have come together at a “place for the artist and those they inspire”.

For the rhythmic rhymer, the Cold Coffee Poets Society is an oasis from the harsh realities of sentence structure and form.  Here, group members post their best work, like Dawn M Olexa’s “The color of roses”.  Poetic members also freestyle in blog-form.  Written highlights include David Lewis Paget’s “Metzengerstein”, Sam Dickens’ “Dance of the Fireflies” and papaed’s “The President’s Puppets”.

Writing well can be challenging, especially if you have a bad case of writers block… so, take a sip of Cold Coffee.  You’ll be flooded with inspiration and helpful pointers on crafting the perfect story.  Now remember, I before E — except after C.