Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor
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Experience the paranormal with Ghost Hunters

Paranormal activities fascinate people the world over, believers and naysayers alike. The members at Ghost Hunters are certainly a good example of the human thirst for knowledge of all kinds as they hunt the world in an effort to document and solve paranormal and ghostly occurrences.

At Ghost Hunters, you can share your experiences and read up on others excited, and sometimes chilling, stories.  Orbs, ectoplasm, ghosts, mists — you can find them all here.  If you’re a skeptic who needs visual evidence Ghost Hunters also boasts almost five hundred photos of paranormal sightings. Network Creator Randy Tuggle has also posted a few of his personal collection of EVP’s, audio files that contain spectral recordings from various hunts that Randy has been on. If this still isn’t enough apparition activity for you there are also pages of videos showcasing spectral sights caught on film.

If the paranormal intriguiges you, if you like ghost stories, or if you’re interested in becoming a real ghost hunter you’ll feel more than at home at Ghost Hunters.