iPhone Interface Peek

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We’ll have more details shortly on the iPhone interface included in next week’s release, but I wanted to give a little sneak peek (definitely influenced by recent announcements) for Network Creators that have asked whether or not the interface will inherit the main network’s colors:

Update: The release is now slated for Friday, Sep. 26 at 6 p.m. Pacific.

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23 thoughts on “iPhone Interface Peek

  1. Mackenzie

    Hi Kody! We don’t have any immediate plans to change the photo section on your social network’s mobile version, but that’s great feedback. If you have any other questions or feedback please feel free to drop us a line through the Ning Help Center at http://help.ning.com.


  2. Kody Chamberlain

    I love the portable version, but I really don’t like the big arrows when looking at gallery images. Could this be changed to function more like the iPhone iPhoto browser?

  3. Apolojedi

    Any thoughts to allowing an iPhone app update our Ning blogs? And what about access to chat from the iPhone? Every single iPhone user of my site says they want chat from their iPhone.

  4. Evan

    Hi all!

    To access your network’s iPhone interface, you members should point their browser to network.ning.com/m — where “network” is your network subdomain. Visitors with iPhones will not be automatically redirected there, at least, not yet.

  5. Steve

    There is not inbox system? how can i check my messages? or friend requests… and there’s no way to edit my profile =[

  6. Evan

    Hi David!

    This release is going live today, Sep. 26 at 6 p.m. Hope you’re as excited as we are — sorry it’s taken a while.

  7. David YANG

    damn, you keep pushing the release date to later and later… you can’t do it right ?
    don’t promise anything if you can’t do it…

  8. Evan

    Hi Rudy!

    You bet it will! Of course, as the iTouch doesn’t have Edge/3g service, you’ll need access to Wifi!


  9. Evan

    Hi EMWoman!

    Other phones may be able to access your network, but that will depend on the phone itself. Most blackberries can browse the Internet, without CSS. However, they won’t be able to access the new, iPhone optimized interface.

  10. Evan

    Hi Alexis!

    Chat will not be a part of the new iPhone release. However, it should work if you view the network without going to /m — viewing the normal, full version.

  11. EMwomen

    Will other smart phones be able to access and use this new mobile version of our network? (i.e. Blackberry, HTC, Palm, etc.)

  12. Evan

    Hi Steve!

    There will be automatic redirection to the mobile version if you have an iPhone. Members visiting your network on an iPhone will have to be alerted to an iPhone version. In future releases, we certainly hope to set up auto-redirection. However, with a lot of Javascript changes already present in this release and this being the first version of mobile browsing — we wanted to play it safe.

    But again, we certainly hope to enable auto-redirection in the future — as well as support for other mobile devices.


  13. Paul

    OK, so that is very cool…but what would be really cool is if that same interface could be embeded/shared as a widget. Members could embed it on their own page somewhere (like iGoogle); or imagine having a portal page where you could see all of your Ning social networks in one place.

  14. Alexis

    That looks very cool. I can access my networks currently on the Blackjack. Not all the pictures load but you can browse it. will the chat work in that too?

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