Jason Rand
Jason Rand
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Join the Cult Genre

Academics have long studied and explored the often-complex cult film genre.  Now, film and media studies scholars can engage in an open dialogue about this genre at Cult Media Studies.  For David Church, the Network Creator of Cult Media Studies and a PhD student in Communication and Culture at Indiana University, the network brings together “students, academics, scholar-fans, and fan-scholars studying cult film, television, and other media.”

The network’s centerpiece is an active discussion forum for members to share their research, offer advice and critique work.  Also posted in the forum are calls for papers such as “Lost in Thought: Critical Approaches to Lost the Series,” “‘Far From Hollywood’: Alternative World Cinema” and “Doctor Who and Philosophy.”

Research and deep analysis for the cult genre are rife with minute observations, profound findings and complex subliminal connections.  For this reason, Cult Media Studies also features upcoming events such as the 2008 Film & History Conference and Cult Film as a Guide to Life.

Expand your knowledge of cult films and impress your friends in the process.  Only at Cult Media Studies.