Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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No Bailouts, no way

Recently, there aren’t too many days that go by when Wall Street is not mentioned in the headlines or on CNN. With the government considering an unprecedented $700 billion plan in an attempt to stop the financial crisis from spreading, many people are trying to have their say. Those opposed to the bailout have found the perfect place to do just that — the No Bailouts network.

Network Creator Tony Katz has posted a video (also below) of his reasons for campaigning against the bailout, with other members have started a conversation about the proposed bailout in the forum section. Some member have already written in to their representatives and received responses. Or if, like many people, you still are confused on why the financial crisis is occurring, you can read up on some background material. At the minimum, members are encouraged to contact your elected officials if you feel strongly about the proposal.

The No Bailouts network isn’t huge in member size (at least not yet), but it speaks to the fantastically varied ways people are using the Ning platform. If you’re in the ‘no bailout’ camp, here’s your chance to make yourself heard.