Relaxing at the Peoples Lounge

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There are times when you want to be active, and then there are times when you want to chill out. During those more relaxed times, take a visit The Peoples Lounge, a place where “diverse discourse and offerings are always on tap.”

In any type of swanky lounge — its sophisticated pink and black design adds to the allure — the music has to be killer, which is why it’s a great idea to turn up the volume when you stop by The Peoples Lounge. From old school hip hop to dance music, there’s a wide and eclectic variety. When you go out with uninteresting people, the conversation suffers. Luckily, the more than 600 members always have interesting things to chat about in the forums; everything from why Emily Dickinson rocks, to why it’s extra important to register to vote.

If you aren’t doing anything tonight, why not kickback and relax at The Peoples Lounge… the doors are open to everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Relaxing at the Peoples Lounge

  1. Kevin Fulton

    The Peoples Lounge, for me, has been a very personal soul searching experience that keeps me in the know, from affairs of the world, to layed back topics of discussions and much more. Wil, has been the one on one coach sharing with each member his kind and humble comments, as well as his T.P.L., love and support. Thanks Wil, and the T.P.L., Members for this Inspirational Social Website. T.P.L. FOR LIFE !!!!!!!

    Kevin. 2008. ” The Man With The Unbreakable Spirit “

  2. Renee Williams

    Wonderful review! And as a member of The People’s Lounge, I agree with it 100%. It’s the place to be!


  3. Wil

    Laurao, thank you so much for the wonderful review of my Ning network, The People’s Lounge. We work really hard to provide the best place, and the best experience for like minded folks to get together, network, learn and prosper.

    Monumental KUDOS to Ning for making The People’s Lounge possible, and for everything you do to keep TPL… hip, and cool and lounging along! 🙂


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