Jason Rand
Jason Rand
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The art world, at your fingertips

Always on the cusp of the creative edge, artists today value connecting and interacting with fans, critics and other creative minds.  A niche group has found the Art Meets Music Network, a place where artists and musicians can find new inspirations for their own work.

Artists’ still and audible masterpieces showcase the breadth, quality, and variety from the network’s 80+ talented members; their pages becoming virtual galleries and repertoires.  Hans Mertens’ “Joy” and “Last King in Purple” scream de Kooning.  The musical variety gives listeners and viewers an around-the-world tour of new sounds, including the trance-like “Lullaby” by Jens Mügge.  Professor-composer Roberto Laneri shares his Italian background, intellectual curiosity and instrumental compositions.

The network’s members bring perspectives from places like New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and beyond.  As you’ll see, creative minds from arond the world abound at the Art Meets Music Network.