The French media, explained

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At Atelier des Medias, it’s all about allowing Francophone visitors to tune into the newest media developments around the world.

Prominently displayed on the network’s main page, the blog is a hotbed of activity and comments. Bloggers talk about the purpose of the blog (how meta!) share audio programs of lectures about media coverage in Africa. On the forum, members are discussing the effects of cell phones in the global media market.

At 1,200 members, the network is a hotbed of French journalism. And using the Langague Editor, the Network Creator — Philippe Couve — has aptly renamed the “My Page” tab to “Moi” (meaning “me” in French) and renamed the “Members” tab to “Nous” (meaning “us”).

There’s a lot going on, to be sure. Don’t miss the videos either, espeically the videos “plus populaire“! Join today, and vive le journalisme francais!

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7 thoughts on “The French media, explained

  1. Evan

    Hi all!

    Apologies for the bad French. After 7 years of French class, I definitely knew that “moi” means “me”. Sorry about that 🙂

  2. Jean-Baptiste Ingold

    I’m a big fan on this website in France.

    The trick is that Philippe Couve (the editor of this community) is using ning to shift the media paradigm.

    It’s a conventional radio show broadcasted on the French worldwide radio network (RFI) and a web emission :
    – First the readers are asked questions about the next topics.
    – An edited version is put on air
    – and a full version is available on podcast.

    I think it’s meaning-full when the subject is new trends of medias both traditional and personal like blogs and community.

    BTW in French “vivE lE journalisme français”

  3. Philippe Couve


    Thank you for mentionning Atelier des médias. You may have not noticed that the network is also sort of homebase for a radio show I host weekly on Radio France Internationale (the French international radio broadcast worldwide).

    And if you allow me to correct your french spelling 😉 you should write at the end of the post: “vive le journalisme français”

    Thanks again


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