Turn to ClubFYM for inspiration, friendship

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You’re a mother, which likely means there’s nothing you can’t handle. If you’re ready to put yourself first for a change, check out Club Fit Yummy Mummy. ClubFYM is a collaborative network for mothers who want to be (or already are) in the best shape of their lives, mentally and physically.

It doesn’t take a detective to discern that ClubFYM only attracts beautiful, genuine women. Open and honest discussion takes place all across the network — via blogs, comments, groups or the forum. Members reach out to one another for support, motivation and advice on anything and everything: exercise, staying strong and body image. You can use photos to track (or flaunt!) your progress and show off your incredible family.

Not sure if you qualify as a Fit Yummy Mummy? A Fit Yummy Mummy is a mom who takes care of herself and embodies health, confidence and positivity. It’s not about numbers — it’s about feeling fantastic and living a happy, healthful life. If this sounds intriguing (and how can it not?), join ClubFYM today!

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One thought on “Turn to ClubFYM for inspiration, friendship

  1. Selene Vega

    I would like to point out that Club Fit Yummy Mummy is not just for moms. I’m not a mom, and I’ve been enjoying and appreciating the support and connection with other women working to incorporate fitness and healthy supportive eating into their lives. Some of us are talking about menopause instead of keeping up with young kids – there’s room at Club FYM for all of it!

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