Jason Rand
Jason Rand
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What's the Next Leg of Your Journey?

Despite record-high fuel prices at the pump and astronomically expensive airfare, travel continues to thrive, and nextleg wants you to be at the cusp of this adventure-seeking industry.  Dedicated to what’s “ahead of the bend in travel and tourism”, nextleg lets its globe-trotting members share their stories, experiences, and destinations with the world.

Featured Blog Posts by nextleggers highlight the creme de la creme of vacation hotspots, hidden treasures and travel words of wisdom.  If you’re curious to know why the word “staycation” is blasphemy at nextleg, check out this justified rant by Ski Travel Guru (Terremoto, nextleg’s Network Creator, totally agrees).

Nextleg’s 225 members, like Ron Kness, Kim Poulin and Mark Viergutz, share their go-to travel websites, favorite destinations, and upcoming itineraries on their pages.  It’s quite the worldly crew at nextleg.  Do you have what it takes to be part of this jet set?