550,000 Social Networks on Ning!

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Ok, make that 552,381 by the time I finished this blog post a few moments ago. I started it this morning so, as you can tell, new social networks are coming in fast and furious here on Ning. We’ve got some great tutorials over at Ning Network Creators and, as always, the Ning Help Center for getting the most out of your network.

We appreciate you choosing Ning for your social networks and look forward to seeing the amazing new networks blossoming all over the place. Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “550,000 Social Networks on Ning!

  1. Evan

    Hi Mark!

    Great question. We don’t have plans to add any holiday-specific themes at the moment, though that’s certainly a great suggestion that I’ll pass along to our product team. In the meantime, you could use the theme customization options available on your network to spruce up your network/page with some holiday images!

  2. Mark Quevillon

    Hi Gina – Congratulations! Wow – that’s a lot of coin!

    Do you guys have any plans to release any holiday themes for Ning networks? I mean is anything cooking in the lab? We’d love to put something gory up for Halloween – maybe something a little less scary for Christmas. – Mark Team Ektelon

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