Henry Jicha
Henry Jicha
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Change the world one loan at a time

Done any budget planning lately? I know I have, but it’s nothing compared to what the competitors in the Impact Microcredit Competition are up to, and their network will let you watch their progress. The goal is simple: start with a $100 loan, and over one week, make as much money as you can with it.

The rules aren’t even very complicated, since the point is flexibility. The competition draws its inspiration from projects like the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, which uses tiny loans to make major differences in poor communities. There are even some impressive prizes for those who make the most, since the actual proceeds will be donated to charity!

Teams from 35 high schools are participating, and the competition ends on the 27th of this month, less than a week away. Follow the competition on the network’s blog — and perhaps think a little about what you can actually accomplish with that extra beer money this week.