Find your center on the reef

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If you ever feel the need to just relax and learn a little about life, The Reef network at is the perfect hangout. The Reef on a web TV show — Beach Walks with Rox — that speaks to issues ranging from effective interpersonal communication to parenting to focusing life on the present rather than the future.

The actual network offers much more to go along with the show. You can find pictures with food-serving suggestions, blogs about coexisting with wildlife, and a group for you whether you’re a music lover or a fan of water sports. All the while, the sea-green decor (complete with a sea turtle) and chill vibe will be relaxing you and making you feel better about life.

So take a surf around The Reef. It’ll put a smile one your face, and you might just come out with some fresh perspective to go along with the fresh air.

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One thought on “Find your center on the reef

  1. Roxanne Darling

    Thank you so very much for the shout out or shall I say whisper? You definitely “get us” Henry and we appreciate your time and attention.

    Please let us know if you make it over to Hawaii so we can give you some aloha in person.

    Aloha, Rox

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