Henry Jicha
Henry Jicha
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Find your place at Transplant Cafe

Having a transplant means that you’ll always be carrying a part of someone else with you — and the TransplantCafe network means that you’ll always have supporters around you, too. TransplantCafe is the  place to discuss life after a transplant, whether it’s what to do about friends who volunteer your medical information to thoughts on running a marathon after the surgery.

TransplantCafe’s groups are active and unique — the most exciting is a group for members to show off their scars! The videos are less tongue-in-cheek, and include this heartwarming story of a 21-year-old kidney donor who discusses her decision to donate.

You won’t find a warmer, more honest and optimistic network on all of Ning than the TransplantCafe. Mosey on over, and be inspired!