Indiana’s Musical Family Tree

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Musical Family Tree is a haven for Indiana music fans of all ages. The network focuses on documenting the Indiana music scene, past and present.

From concert events, music news and band videos, the resources are endless. Most impressive is the list of MP3 archived songs. Search bands alphabetically or by location. With thousands of songs already archived and new music continually being added, all your music needs can be found here.

Starting a new playlist? Perfect it with suggestions from the top downloads section. When you are done, head to the forum to discuss your recent additions, compare songs or gain some music wisdom. “Great Music Websites” and “Indiana Music Compilations” are just a few of the popular discussions. Whether you love to talk music or prefer to just sit back and listen,  Musical Family Tree should be your next stop.

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6 thoughts on “Indiana’s Musical Family Tree

  1. Karl Hofstetter

    MFT is the best!!! There is so much music on this site that other-wise might be lost forever. Check this out, you will not be sorry.

  2. PJ Christie

    Thanks for the spotlight ningers! As Account Executive for Small Box, the company behind the MFT community, we are ready to help others out by exploring the possibilities to develop communities based on the Ning platform.

    We’ve done others too. One community is called and promotes music, business, and the arts in Broad Ripple, the cultural district in Indianapolis. Also building environmental sustainability awareness in the State of Indiana.

    Another great success is how we are using a combination of Ning and Basecamp to build a community organization called CANDO, the College Avenue Neighborhood Development Organization.

    Just a word of encouragement to those people out there wondering if a Ning community is right for them, it takes some work and a large email list engaging an audience passionate about your subject is really key. I tell people if you think a Ning community is going to be less work for you, then you should rethink it, it takes continuous effort to start and build successfully, but there is no better tool I have seen to engage and allow your community to get involved in similar interests.

  3. Kim Bennett Atkins Garvey

    MFT has been a great site. I’ve found a lot of people and music I’d forgotten. Thanks Jeb!


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