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Learn the power of unity at iPeace

What do you believe is the biggest obstacle to obtaining peace? Find out what others think on iPeace, the network devoted to sharing peace and making a difference.

iPeace’s success stems from its creators’ mantra. They believe in the power of uniting people and that this unity will ultimately lead to positive change. iPeace has become a hub for peace initiatives around the world. Whether you join the network to educate yourself or to share your knowledge, the Forum provides ample opportunity for both. Recent posts include: “Where is the Peace?”, “Peace for Kenya” and “What is your true calling?”.

After becoming involved online in the Forum, take a look at events in your area and abroad. The “World Youth Peace Summit” and “World Food Day” are just few of the amazing upcoming plans. For other peace related interests, join one of the many active groups such as Artists United for Peace, Motivational team or Peace Poetry. While the groups provide an additional home for support, the main page features relevant breaking news, equipping members with the knowledge they need to make a difference.

iPeace has created a space where citizens of opposing sides can connect and look beyond their differences. With more than 3,000 members onboard before the network was even officially launched, iPeace is on track for its 1 million member goal by the end of the year. With these numbers, iPeace’s creators know the unity and power they have worked to achieve will spark the positive change they envision. For an experience you can truly feel good about, join iPeace today and leave your mark.