PG Corner: The newest Malaysian hangout

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PG Corner is not only one of the first Malaysian networks on Ning, it’s also got more cool content than you can shake a stick at. PG Corner features applications ranging from a fashion makeover game to video speed dating, and even took part in a massively multiplayer round of Zombie Wars. What’s not to love?

For those more serious, countless resources and contacts are available, including a group dedicated to the UEFA soccer Champios League with detailed statistics and a selectively admitting computer hacking group “for educational purposes only.” The blogs and forums are equally informative and lively, and include some important warnings and some great humor.

Best of all, you can expect both an active, warm welcome upon joining and, better still, reward points for your activity on the network that will eventually be tradeable for actual goods. PG Corner is one of few networks where taking advantage of the features has benefits in addition to the content itself!

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5 thoughts on “PG Corner: The newest Malaysian hangout

  1. Palmetto Equipment and Supply

    this is an awesome network. how do you guys pick networks for NetworkSpotlight? Is there a way to submit one for consideration? thanks

  2. Clement

    It was not mine only… all members were there to make this happen. =) Without them, the network wouldn’t run. Anyway, thanks again! =)

  3. Clement

    Hi Henry,

    I was surprised to see PG Corner up on the blog! Anyway, you did know a lot about us! =) Thanks for the post btw!

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